Membership is open to


Light- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle OEMs


Light-and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Suppliers


Commercial Vehicle Companies (e.g. fleets, carriers)

Security vendors, industry associations, researchers, government agencies, financial institutions, training companies and investors are not eligible for membership at this time. Instead, these organizations are encouraged to engage with the Auto-ISAC through its Strategic Partnership Program.

Organizations that do not meet the membership criteria above/below are able to engage with the Auto-ISAC as a strategic partner or community participant. See below for additional information about the Auto-ISAC's Partnership Programs, which pursue mutually beneficial interests with organizations and individuals to further the Auto-ISAC's mission.



Are privately owned, with no direct or indirect government control.


Have no sanctions as indicated by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control.


Are primarily located in a country that has cybercrime laws, actively prosecutes cyber criminals, and does not support terrorist activities or corporate espionage against the U.S.

Auto-ISAC is a non-profit 501 (c) 6 organization that adheres to anti-trust laws.


Membership Benefits and Services 

Auto-ISAC Members participate in a confidential community of industry leaders and cybersecurity experts. Members gain access to a secure Portal that enables anonymous information sharing, houses real-time cybersecurity intelligence reports and analysis, and facilitates live interaction among our members. Members are encouraged to utilize the collaborative nature of the Auto-ISAC and actively share information in order to receive full benefits of membership. Members also engage in Standing Committees and Working Groups, receive early access to Best Practice Guides, and participate in exercises and workshops.




  • Real-time Intelligence Sharing
  • Intelligence Summaries
  • Exchanges Workshops
  • Tabletop Exercises
  • Validation and Context
  • Best Practices
  • Webinars and Presentations
  • Annual Summit Event
  • Crisis Notifications
  • Member Contact Directory
  • Community Calls



Find and fix issues faster

Time is money, especially in cyber. Members receive verified, timely cyber threat, vulnerability and remediation info.

Maintain a trusted brand

Customers demand safety and privacy. OEMs demand secure components from suppliers. Joining the ISAC demonstrates a commitment to protecting vehicles, services and, ultimately, drivers.

Develop a Unified Industry Voice

Uniting on the cyber challenge and maintaining clear channels with global government bodies helps inform and shape legislation.

Enhance capabilities

Our community is a trusted forum to share insights and learn from one another. Formal activities – like exercises and workshops – and informal relationship-building cultivate this trust.

Have Something to Share?

Although Auto-ISAC is not a coordinated disclosure or bounty-based organization, anyone can submit information to Auto-ISAC. Automotive cybersecurity researchers, academia and enthusiasts welcome. Tell us a little about yourself and submission topic, and your discovery could end up as part of an Auto-ISAC Intelligence Report.