September 2021 Community Call

September 1st, 2021 11:00am

Ms. Kayle Giroud, Partnership Associate Director, GCA; Ms. Gill Thomas, Director of Engagement, Capacity & Resilience Program, GCA

Introduction to the Global Cyber Alliance


Since 2015, GCA has pursued the mission to secure the Internet, and provide tools that are accessible to any Internet users and empower them to take action to be more secure. We achieve this mission through two major programs : the Internet Integrity and the Capacity & Resilience programs. The Internet Integrity program aims at building a secure and trustworthy Internet. During this presentation, Alejandro Fernández-Cernuda, Director of Engagement, Internet Integrity, will detail our vision of a secure Internet and present AIDE, our solution to secure IoT devices even in consumers and small office environments. The Capacity & Resilience program aims at democratizing cybersecurity by providing free and easy-to-use solutions to particularly vulnerable Internet users. One of our major work is to help secure SMEs through a free, effective, and user-friendly Toolkit for Small Business. Gill Thomas, Director of Engagement, Capacity & Resilience, will present the Toolkit and our deployment efforts to secure SMEs around the world.