March 2020 Community Call

March 4th, 2020 11:00am

NHTSA Data Analytics for Vehicle Cybersecurity Research Project Introduction/Primer


Emerging ADAS and ADS technologies have the potential to significantly reduce the number and severity of vehicle crashes.  However, if not architected, designed, tested, and deployed diligently, the application of these technologies may also carry unacceptable risk in the form of cyber vulnerabilities and associated threats. As part of a broad-based research agenda to develop tools, methods, and best practices that may be useful to industry stakeholders in addressing cybersecurity risks, NHTSA is interested in determining the applicability of modern cybersecurity risk management and response methods and technologies to the vehicle environment. One emerging area in this field is cybersecurity data analytics.

The Data Analytics for Vehicle Cybersecurity (DACS) project was initiated to assist NHTSA as well as industry stakeholders, in developing an understanding of the potential opportunities for enhancing vehicle cybersecurity through applications of leading-edge data analytic techniques. The project is not meant to provide any specific solutions via the use of data analytics for vehicle cybersecurity, but rather to research and evaluate solutions that may be used as guidance for stakeholders in the consideration of future development of data analytics applications.