February 2021 Community Call

February 3rd, 2021 11:00am

Christopher Church, Senior Mobile Forensic Specialist, INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation Kamel Ghali, Automotive Security Architect, White Motion (Marelli)

Crossroads Of Motor Vehicle Data: Digital Forensics And Cyber Threats


As the car becomes more connected and aware of its environment law enforcement also needs to understand the challenges and issues this will give them. Law Enforcement has started to see a vehicle as an accessory in certain crimes and understand what data a car holds and how they can access it. The evidence gained from a motor vehicle has helped law enforcement understand the back story to a crime. A vehicle’s data has helped trace missing persons, solve murders, and shut down criminal gangs transporting drugs and smuggling weapons and keeping vulnerable citizens safe from harm. As law enforcement start to become aware of the possibilities, so do their responsibility. This presentation will explore the relationship between law enforcement and industry and the crossover of digital forensics too cyber and the associated intertwined landscapes. The presentation will be partly presented by INTERPOL and White motion who have seen a growing interest from the community in this area.