December 2021 Community Call

December 1st, 2021 11:00am

Michael Daniel, President and CEO, Cyber Threat Alliance

Creating a Ransomware Incident Response Network


Ransomware has evolved from an economic nuisance to a national security and public health and safety threat.  However, we are largely fighting blind against this scourge.  We lack reliable, representative data about ransomware’s scope, scale, distribution, and frequency.  Further, actionable information about ransomware threats does not reach enough people or organizations.  The industry-led Ransomware Task Force made several recommendations to address these two problems and one of those could directly involve ISACs.  That recommendation calls for establishing a Ransomware Incident Response Network (RIRN), which would collect incident information and share defensive actions to counter specific ransomware threats.  This briefing will discuss the ransomware problem, the proposed RIRN as a way to address a key information sharing problem, and the role ISACs can play in making this concept a reality.